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Let Live Stream Love with Wedspro

Post COVID 19 Wedding - Live Stream Wedding in Karamadai

In Karamadai Due to Post COVID 19 Lockdown and the Gathering norms, your family and friends might not be able to attend your wedding.  wedspro has a fantastic solution for you, live-streaming your wedding ceremony on your personalised wedding website.

We design you a beautiful wedding website with Customised address link based on your Preference. Your guest can just click the link and can join the event not only from Karamadai any one can join any were in the world. You can also increase your guest list as much as you want. Invite everyone to be part of your special day. Guest can post their lovely wishes and interact with one another during live streaming.

The excitement part of your marriage - Gifts Your loved ones can leave you with wishes and gifts. The main custom of our Tamil culture is to give Cash gifts so we have added that feature too. In the cash voucher option, interested guests can give a cash gift to the couple as cash vouchers.

Make your day Notable

"The Day in Live is more Memorable. No one can forget your ceremony. your live-stream wedding gives a new experience to you and your loved ones."

Image explaining this to your kids, "We got married during the COVID 19 Lockdown, All our Guest attended our marriage through Live Streaming”  That will be a definitely exciting moment

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How To Live Stream your Wedding with Wedspro?

Want to share your wedding with a loved one? Just contact us, Our Technical Person will visit on the event day and live broadcast using our one Custom Engineered Live Streaming App. The videos will not available in public domain live youtube or Facebook, Only with Invite link or with Invite Id viewers can view the videos, Your events will be in your private space.

Invite The Guests

We will create a custom event link and share with you then you can share the event link through Email, SMS, whatsapp, Social Media whatever way you would like to invite your guests.

Send a Gift to the Wedding Couple

Cannot attend the wedding due to Covid-19?
Do you wish to present something for the couple?

  • Choose your favourite gift
  • Add your name and Warm wishes
  • Give them a lifetime memory!

A small gift with love will give million of happiness and joy!

Call us @ +91 96882 11004

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